Hi there.

Thanks for coming by and reading some of the words I wrestle with.

First things first, my writing is all over the place.

I’ve written prayers here, short fictional stories, poetry, and longer posts on faith, healing, and hope. It’s a hodgepodge of everything here. You might as well know that up front.

But one thing does bind these words: they’re reminders.

I believe we’re deeply forgetful. I think we forget crucial things about love, hope, grief, sadness, pain, and faith. I write here to remind myself and those that listen. I think one of our chief callings in life is to remind ourselvesf and remind others.

I recently admitted I was a writer and spend my days writing for businesses and individuals who need a ghostwriter that cares about tone, voi, e and cadence.

I’m Michigan made and love the state I work and play in.
I believe in redemption and I believe Jesus doesn’t just love us, but likes us too.

Any requests for speaking or writing, can be directed to davehamiltonj@gmail.com

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