Letters to The Soul: Choose a Good Master


In the first drops of morning you have already ached for a master. You wake and you seek something or someone to submit to.

You long for a place to bow down.

It may be work—toiling until there is no more light.

It may be reputation—framing your reflection for all to see.

It may be family—hoping that your name can be found in theirs.

It may be pleasure—blindly choosing whatever feels right, good, and natural.

But soul all of these and 1,000 more are terrible masters.

Submit to them and they will own you.

Their shackles are tight and they drive you by fear.

They will rob your joy and steal rest.

Soul, turn to the good master today.

Soul, remember Him that made your ache for submission, worship, and a bent knee.

Turn and trust the one who drives His household with love, promise, and tenderness.

Do not spoil yourself on the harsh and cruel.

Today, look to Him who offers you an inheritance beyond the walls of time.

Soul, trust the one who wants you whole, beautiful, and triumphant.

Soul, choose the master Jesus.

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