Morning Prayer: Kneel

Prayer can slip off our tongues so simply that we can soon neglect the meaning behind the one-syllable word.

In recent weeks, I have begun to consider the word, “kneel”. This change in syntax reminds me that this is a position, not a phrase. Coming before the one who made our limbs is not simply a word but a way—every minute we kneel.

We kneel towards our job in hope of security and safety.

We kneel towards our spouse in hope of meaning and affirmation.

We kneel towards our world in hope of acceptance and ease.

We kneel towards our church in hope of praise and pride.

And perhaps our kneecaps show no wear, but our heart is constantly bent towards something.

We bend and please and submit. We yearn to sit under and serve.

We cannot escape this desire and it is why praying without ceasing is not hard—we already do it every day. Every second of every day we kneel. Every minute we make a plea.

But in this season of waiting, I’m reminded of how often I kneel like a fool. I kneel before a desert expecting rain. I kneel before a mountain expecting kindness. I kneel before people expecting God.

And so today, may we have eyes to see our knees.

May we see where we make our plea.

May God gives us the grace to kneel before Him and therefore be heard, known, and loved.


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