Remembering Confidence: Day 2/5

This Friday our nation changes the guard. And the distress in the Church seems to be just as high as the distress outside the holy of holies. Communion seems to mean little. Prayer seems to be guess work. And promises as wide as the gap between sky and sea, seem to have little effect. This post is the second invitation of five to remember hope. For if, we don’t, how will the world?

For the Lord will be your confidence…”(Proverbs 3:26) 

In uncertainty, we run to the place we feel most safe. In danger, we seek those that are most strong. In crisis, we call upon the secure to provide us with safe haven. Our feet and hands often tell us what we believe to be most strong, safe and sure.

Friend, where do you find your feet take you in times of great adversity? Christian, what do you find your hands doing when tomorrow seems uncertain? Where does your mind rest? Where does your heart find stability?

If it is in the lapsing and ever changing world, sleep will elude you. If it is in you work, your mind will never rest complete. If it is in other men, your eyes will constantly be hungry for more wisdom.

Here is where we find our world this week. Our friends are worried and our family is anxious. Our peers analyze in order to predict and make a secure investment. Our feet tell us that in the midst of uncertainty it is wise to build, make, and lock ourselves away. It is man’s great temptation to always build himself a fortitude out of the dust of the earth.

But these things crumble and fade.
Ask yourself, “Is anything secure that was once not made?” 

Friend, the metal will rust, the gold will melt, and the flimsy shelters will slip in the tiniest of storms. Do not submit your heart to such trouble. Do not settle for such little hope.

Today, the Lord offers us Himself. He gives us His arms and hands. He grants us His words and soothing promises. He gives us His balm of mercy and the great cooling waters of grace. He is powerful and strong. He is not dust and will never be melted. Today, the Lord can be our confidence – the Lord Himself. The Maker of all things offers not a gift to you, but Himself.

Will we throw ourselves into His great chest? Will we grab hold of our great confidence?


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