Remembering The Name: Day 1/5

This Friday our nation changes the guard. And the distress in the Church seems to be just as high as the distress outside the holy of holies. Communion seems to mean little. Prayer seems to be guess work. And promises as wide as the gap between sky and sea, seem to have little effect. This post is the first invitation of five to remember hope. For if, we don’t, how will the world? 

“Jacob said, ‘Please tell me your name.'” (Genesis 32:29)

It was in wrestling that Jacob asked his midnight counterpart the question above. He was tired and was weary. And there, Christian, he met God.

In the middle of the night, with no one to see, he went hand to hand with the Almighty. He pressed and pulled. He fought and did not flee.

And there, as dawn began to wash the night through, Jacob asked for the name of His fighter.

Christian, this is the first part of prayer: to ask Who we are speaking with. For prayer is always a war of mind and matter. It is a battle of flesh and new. It is a bloody ordeal and none can go into prayer thinking they are safe.

Entering into conversation with the living God is a terribly beautiful thing. But it is still terrible. For He holds your breath in His hand. He holds your limbs in place. He counts your hairs and knows your every fear.

Today, as the world runs to things, cheap thrills, and doomsday op-eds, could we begin the war of prayer?

Could we stand toe to toe with our Maker and wrestle with our fears, hurts, and frustrations? Could we make intercession for those we love and for those we wish we could love?

Would we go deep into the night and not rest until we know the name of who we are fighting with. For, our battle is not against the men of this age but of the power beyond the dust – power beyond the grave.

Friend, have the courage, like our brother Jacob to ask, “Please, tell me your name.”

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