Morning Reminder: Kindness

“Though the Lord is exalted, he looks kindly on the lowly…” (Psalm 138: 6)

Friend, do you find yourself low this morning? Are your plans coming to naught? Do your desires fail you? Are you growing weary by the sin of this world and the sin of your heart? Are you fatigued?

Rejoice! For our King does not spend his time with the lofty. He does not sit with the proud or haughty. He does not dwell at their table nor would they recognize Him if He did.

But your house He will enter this morning. He will come by in the morning and He will sit with you as you prepare your daily tasks. He will comfort you in the silence. He will be with you as He has always been with the lowly.

Friend, we must not forget that this is what it meant for God to come as flesh: He took leave of His heavenly post and came near. The son of God, for the glory of the Trinity and the good of His sheep, bent down to earth. He is a bending, stooping God. He leans even when He is in Heaven. He looks down even when He is on High.

This is your Savior, Christian. He comes to you with kindness this morning. He loves the people that know their need. Will you rejoice in this gift? Or will you insist on living like the lofty?

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