If You Want Healing


Soul, you’ve forgotten the brook.
You’ve neglected the river.
You’ve passed by the water.

You’ve tried other balms.
You’ve taken other brides.
You’ve cherished other hopes.

And they’ve left you tired like only fake things can.

Soul, the things we make with our hands cannot help our deepest hurt or provide our deepest hope.

Soul, when we make things with our hands they are handless things.
They do not see. They do not hear. They cannot hold you nor hold the people you love.

Soul, forget these fake things.
Soul, forget these hard objects.

Run to the river, Soul.
Dance in the name of the One who bled for you.

Soul, believe in nothing less than resurrection today.
Things have died, soul. Thinks have been broken.

But the tomb is empty, soul.

The tomb is empty and there are people who don’t know.
There are people who think death is the winner.
There are people who think grief is more eternal than dancing.

Soul, you know differently.
So act it.
Share it.

Remember today, soul.




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