Morning Reminder: Genesis 2

“No shrub of the field had yet appeared on the earth and no plant of the field had yet sprung up, for the Lord God had not sent rain on the earth…”(Genesis 2:5)

Christian, there is no green without the hand of God.

Whatever lush fields we enjoy, whatever small blessing we encounter, whatever sweet fruit we pick – the very hand of our Maker has made it so. This is important if we are to develop a heart of thankfulness in a world that demands it deserves.

The beginning of creation is a matter of fact narrative. Our Lord does things and so they are. He speaks and things come up. He touches the earth and there is a stream. He whispers a word and there we find a forest.

Friend, the hand of God is surely on your life today.

For there is no waking without His breath. There is no food without him sending rains. And there is no joy – not one ounce of simply pleasure, without His hand making it so.

Lift up your eyes to heavens, Christian, for the Lord has surely sent rain in some field. Yes, there are likely spots that you have been crying out for water – pleading with the Maker for green things to come. Do not stop your pleading. But do not plead without hope.

Recognize the place you sit, the family you hold, the hands you toil with, and the countless rivers of provision, all come from the very hand of God. He has sent them all.

All the earth would be void and every corner of our heart would be formless if the voice of God did not send His rain. Remember this, dear Christian.

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