Morning Reminder: Ephesians 6

“Put on the full armor God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” (Ephesians 6:11)

No soldier enters the war without considering his apparel, weapons, and provisions. So it is with the Christian life. For regardless of what our Western culture may say about the spiritual realm, we stand on the brink of war every morning.

You are a marked man, Christian.

The enemy desires you as he desired Judas. He wishes to devour you and has spent a great deal of energy with his generals. The devil has a war room and in it, methods of Christian demise are discussed, determined, and detailed.

The life of the cross is a great threat to our enemy. Grace by sacrifice is torture to his hell bent mind. Forgiveness is great misery to all of hell’s army. So let us not go out into the war naked today.

Do not neglect the armor of your King. He has chosen wonderful protection for your daily battles. He recognizes the arena in which you stand. It is us who frequently forget. And this is a great curse for we are on the front lines of battle and are often weaponless.

Take the armor, Christian, for it is our good Father’s will that you should stand firm. Mark this carefully: your ability to stand firm does not rest in your strong back, firm legs, or steady hands. You will, like many Saints today, find yourself flat on the battle field if you fail to receive the armor of our Lord.

He will scheme. He will shake.
But do not doubt the strength of your shield nor the edge of your sword.
Christ has spared no cost when selecting your perfect armor and valiant sword.

Swing with Jesus, dear Christian, and make the devil flea.

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