Morning Reminder: Psalm 44

“I do not trust in my bow, my sword does not bring me victory.” (Psalm 44: 6)

How strange we must look to the world.

For very few archers can say “I do not trust my bow.” or soldiers declare, “It is not my sword that brings me victory.” And yet, the Christian is to have his work and yet hold it differently in his hand. The Christian is to conduct business and yet to offer each prospective deal to his God. This makes us odd. And this may be the first step to holiness, friend.

We must not forfeit the call to be odd.

It is good to note that the Psalmist does not say, “I do not have a bow” or “I do not own a sword.” How simple a life that would be! Some have ached for this simplicity and have rejected work, family, physical needs, business ventures, all in the name of seeking our Father. The Gospel is not so easy, friend.

Our God asks us to honor Him with our swords and bows and yet never trust them. We are to work yet understand all our labor is in vain without the mercy of the great King. We are to plan and yet hold our feeble plots loosely. We are to act but understand the limitations of our actions.

Do you trust your hands this morning? Do you think victory lies within your plans? Have you forgotten the sovereign Lord who directs even the birds to their daily food?

Here is our hope, our trust, and our victory: the risen and reigning Christ. Let us hold the tools of this world with thankfulness but never adoration. Our King is more powerful than our pursuits.

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