Morning Reminder: Psalm 40

“Yet I am poor and needy; may the Lord think of me.” (Psalm 40: 17)

And we are poor this morning. And we are needy.

Let us sit in this truth before we are bombarded by claims of strength at our front door. Business, and media, and entertainment, and political forces – we will hear that we are very strong today. We will hear that we need no one but ourselves.

We will hear a message of self-reliance.

Friend, this is not the gospel and this is not what David cries out. David knew his condition. And it came at great cost. But alas, our Psalm writing friend knows that He is both needy and poor. He cannot do as he wants to nor desire theĀ the things he knows he ought to desire. David knew the garden scene. Do you? Do you know your condition? Do you know the illness of sin? Do you know the need the human heart has?

Let this be our every morning cry: I am poor and needy.

But let us not stop there and do the cross a disservice. For we can plea with confidence if we will but remember that our plea does not go unheard. For there is great benefit if the Lord should “think of us.” If He should “think of you”, Christian, your poverty is great wealth and your need is great strength. For when the almighty King thinks of us, He sees us, He hears us, and then He acts. For the God of Israel does not stop by merely thinking of His beloved. Israel’s God was always on the move and so He is today: the same God that heard the cry of Moses in the desert thinks of you.

David knew this and therefore desired His Lord to think of him – to remember his trouble, to see his weary eyes, to understand his broken spirit, and to not stand distant.

But mark this friend – we will only desire the thoughts of our King when we remember how much our hands cannot do. We must remember our need before we can delight in the hearing and seeing God. Remember this morning.

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