Morning Reminder: Psalm 39

“But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you.” (Psalm 39:7)

Friend, what is it you look for this morning?

The Psalmist does not ask this rhetorically. David did not assume he could understand the inner workings of his deceitful heart. He asked His God like we would ask a shop owner where to find the tonic – “Lord, what do I look for?”

And so we must ask our Lord from time to time. More than this, we must be willing to listen for a response that we may dislike. Christian, it is important you understand that what you look for is what you hope in. What you seek is your pleasure. What you search for is your rest.

For there are many things we may look for today. We may look for the markets to improve, the political turmoil to end, the relationship to be sweet, the friend to return, the heartache to cease, or the wealth to grow. These are not bad in themselves, Christian. But are you looking for them at every turn? Are you seeking them at every resting spot? Are you searching for them all day? Does your mind return to these longings in the small, still minutes of your day?

Ask Him. Wait for His reply.
The spirit will not grow weary in showing you what it is you look for. Only be brave enough to listen. Do not despair if you begin to name the things that you are really after. This is the work of resurrection: to tell us when we have sought other healers.

Friend, there is no balm for the weary heart like the blood of Jesus. There is no rest for the seeking spirit like the hands of our Lord. May we be able to reply like the Psalmist. May we realize the folly of looking for anything other than our King, Savior, Father, and Friend.

May we say with the saints of the land, “My hope is in you.”

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