Why It’s OK To Be Needy

It’s hard to say we’re needy.

It goes against all the strong inside of us.
We are the independent ones. We’re the needless ones.

Needy is not for us.

Needy is for the weak ones.
Needy is for the little ones.
Needy is for the not-quite-there-yet ones.

Friend, needy is for you.

Needy is our condition. Let that word fall from your lips. Force it through the prideful tongue. Let it hang in there. Let it sit there. Feel it and be OK with its edges.

We are the needy ones.

We need people and their arms, reminders, tears, and laughs. We need their stories, and homes, and dining room tables. We need their silence and their sincerity. We need their shouts and worry and prayers. We need all of it.

We need God. We don’t need him like homesick child needs home, we need Him like a starving man needs bread. We need Him like the water needs wetness. We need all of Him.

This is hard.
We’ve been told needing things is weak.
We’ve learned to penalize the ache.

We’ve learned to tame the truth and the cage has grown tired.
Our hearts have grown tired.

This is not the truth friend. We cannot continue to say needy is for others but not us. We cannot continue to claim we’re self sufficient when our heart was designed so differently.

Love that you ache for God.
Love that you ache for people.
Love that you need.

For it tells you something about your Creator.

It tells you He envisioned a world together not isolated.

Love Him for that.

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