Stories of the Soul: 4

Look outward, soul.

I’ve seen the way you dissect our feelings. You push us inward and inward and inward.

Healthy introspection is good, soul.
After all, there’s the  whole “An examined life is not worth living” thing.

But you’re going overboard. You’re going above and beyond and peering into the bottom of the same glass again. You’ve forgotten that love favors those with hands out in front not curled up inside. You’ve forgotten that forgetting yourself is the best way to rekindle joy.

Soul, remember to lose your life. Lose it.

Lose it in the ordinary grace of today. Lose it in the ordinary people and ordinary places.

The thing is, it can feel like a loss – losing yourself. It can feel like you’re giving and not getting. It can feel so unnatural in a world that needed the blood. It can feel like you’re losing.

This is the paradox of our faith, soul. This is what it means to believe in resurrection.

If we believe in resurrection it means losing our life isn’t the worst thing that can happen. In fact, it’s the best thing. It’s a solid thing. It’s our everyday invitation.

Today, soul, we’re invited to look outward and forget ourselves. To do this you’ll need to remember who is calling you to lose. To do this you need to remember the One who made you, and named you, and sought you.

If you’re going to look outward, soul, you’ll need to understand that someone is still looking out for you.

For if we’re honest, and we really should be by know, this is what we fear by looking outward: who will look at me? Who will see me? Who will love me? Who will hear me?

Soul, you’re heard. You’re seen. You’re held. You’re looked at.

Soul, dance in the freedom of looking out today. Look far and wide and remember the God of mountains and new beginnings looks at you.



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