stories of the soul: 2

Soul, did you know it’s possible to feel things that aren’t true?

This is the curse of living in a broken world. You can feel things that aren’t true.

Soul, you can feel a failure.
Soul, you can feel a fraud.
Soul, you can feel alone.
Soul, you can feel unforgiven.

Soul, you need to do a better job of filtering the lies.
Not everything you feel is true. Not everything you sense is how it is.

You can feel unforgiven and yet be forgiven.
You can feel a failure and yet be loved beyond measure.
You can feel alone and yet be surrounded by Creator God.

Soul, you can feel untrue things. I need you to know this because life will grow weary and old if you choose to believe all the inputs. If you do not filter the feelings you will grow weary and weak.

Your enemy seeks your joy, soul. Christ has risen and this makes the devil furious. And the devil’s fury often results in attacks on your soul.

You do not wake in a safe land. Soul, you woke to bombs and splintering doors. You woke to an assault. You are a child of God and therefore sought after.  You are fought for.

I’ve told you this before, soul, but you’ve forgotten. You’ve forgotten that not everything you feel is at true thing. You’ve forgotten that you live in a war zone not a nice cottage by the lake.

Soul, commit yourself to your God.

When you fear, when you forget, seek you Savior. Soul, stop relying on your memory – it is weak. Soul, you have spiritual dementia. You are sick.

Soul, remember to sit with your Savior.
Remember to sit with your God.

Soul, remember.

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  1. 100wordsaga says:

    Beautifully written…thank you 🙂


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