stories of the soul: 1

Soul, you are worth the Kings blood. 

Remember this.

Remember this in your striving to show and prove and demonstrate. Remember this as you feel the need to shout your significance. Remember.

Soul, you are held perfectly. 

Remember this when you lose those that you thought would always hold you. When the ones we love leave – either by choice or by disease or by death, remember this. You are held. Your soul is held and it matters to the holder.

Soul, you are loved in action. 

Remember this when you grow tired of love in language. Language can poke the embers of love but it cannot create the fire we desire. Action. Movement. Soul, your God loves in deeds and in doing. You are loved in action.

Soul, you are thought of. 

Remember this when the fast world pays you no mind. When you believe that the right people are not thinking of you, remember this. The One who made Oceans thinks of you. The one who spoke great rivers and great tress thinks of you. Even now, as you sleep He plans out tomorrows mercy. He loves thinking of you.

Soul, you are offered rest. 

Remember this when the rhythms of life have made you tired and worn beyond what seems fair. Remember this when you have bought into the game and believed you were meant to keep score too. When your Creator said,  “It is finished.”, He meant He has you. You are His. It is done. Remember this. Rest in this.

Soul, you are fought for. 

Remember this when you do not feel like fighting. Everyday there is war at your doorstep. The fires of hell would have you. The devil seeks you. But your King swings for you and goes in the ring. He battles bravely and does not lose a fight. Remember this when you fear you cannot go on. Remember this when you do not believe yourself worth fighting for. Your Savior fights for you.


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  1. Loretta says:

    Thanks so much for “Soul Talk”. It has been almost 60 days since I attempted suicide and this really spoke to my heart. I will appreciate being on your mailing list.


    1. Wow. I’m so glad it spoke to you Loretta. He is near. He is acting. He does see.


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