Prayers: Night Confession

Near and listening God, forgive our faithless mind.

Even tonight we confess that we fear much because we trust little.

We forget you do not give as the world gives. You – not with holding your only son – do not leave us empty handed.

Yet we often think we have to half convince you to love us, care for us, act for us – be for us. We think we need to plead for you to be who you already are: great and magnificent Father. You are who you are.

The earth shakes under your hand.

The sea dries by your tongue.

Yet, we doubt your grandeur.

We doubt your nearness.

We doubt your strength.

Remind us. Bind us to your hands. Seal us. Heal our forgetful heart.

Let us walk in peace. For your love does not end and cannot be restrained.

Relentless God, hold our faithless hearts. Breathe life. Kindle the flame.

Grow us in faith.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Mary says:

    Timely and lovely reminder for me this evening


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