Introduction: Ache

The following is an introduction to Dave’s newest book, “If you ache for home”.  Coming July 1st. 

I think many of us ache with a desire so deep that we’re unsure it’s good to feel at all.

Many of us, maybe you, have decided that it is better to not feel than to feel so deeply. This is why many abuse substances, abuse sex, abuse control, abuse power, abuse money, and abuse success.

We become abusive – to ourselves and others when we attempt to turn off (as if there was a switch) the part of us that feel so deeply.

Why? It can be incredibly painful and incredibly disorienting.

After all, what could fulfill such a nameless desire? Many of us understand that it cannot be the things we see but that is hard to say.

So we try. We try to meet the ache with what we see and understand. We try to call the nameless desire things like, “spouse”, “kids”, “wealth”, and “pleasure”. But the nameless desire eludes us.

What is it we desire?
What is the deep sense that sits just below our chest?

It is to come home.

Homes are never beautiful because of the mere drywall or porch. They are filled with unspeakable joy because of what we feel – in our place, in our home, with our people.

So this desire to come home is not some mystical mansion but a person.

Indeed, we desire to come home because we desire to meet our God.

We desire to be at home with our Maker.
This is the elusive ache and nameless desire. This is infuriating itch.

This is what we were created to do: be at home with our Father.


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