Since Then

“Since, then, you have been raised with Christ…” (Colossians 3:1)

This is the therefore of the Christian life. Friend, this is your new name, your new starting point, your new “since then.”

There are many things that fight for the “since then” in our life.

Since then, you’re marriage is crumbling…
Since then, you’re struggling with a sin so shameful…
Since then, you’re battling depression…
Since then, you can’t find work…
Since then, your child isn’t healthy…
Since then, the heartbreak is overwhelming… 

We are often assaulted by such “since thens”. You have your own and perhaps this morning it begs you to listen with all its might.

Friend, we have a greater “since then”.

Having been raised with Christ there are a great many things that will now happen. We would do well to study these things and listen to them more than the pleading “since thens” in our daily life.

Do you know these, Christian? Do you know the benefits of knowing God and being known by God? Do you know what your called to, promised, and granted?

Let us be diligent this morning, before we listen too closely to the doubt and shame, let us listen to our risen Lord.

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