You are Holy. You are Dearly Loved.

“Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved…” (Colossians 3:12)

Friend, this is who you are.

Do not the let the morning hours grow before dwelling on your identity – your true self. For once you step into the world of doing and producing, you will be told a different story. You will be told you are not chosen but simply a chance. You will be told you are not holy nor loved. You will be affirmed – but by now, I trust you know this is not the same as being loved.

You will doubt your holiness and this is because you misunderstand the word ‘chosen’. When we are chosen by God, adopted as sons and daughters, “holy” and “dearly loved” follows. These precious words, ‘holy’ and ‘dearly loved’ flow form the mysterious promise God has made to all of the ransomed ones – I will continue my work in you.

He has declared you holy and will continue to make you holy. How? By the blood and by Easter. Resurrection works amazing deeds for those that know God and abide in His love.

But Christian, this mystery is deep and wide. Spend time in it. Pray in it. But this morning, before you begin the work God has laid before you, understand this short sentence as a declaration.

You are holy.
You are dearly loved.

These are the gifts of the cross and of the risen lamb. These are the gifts of adoption. Remember who you are today.

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  1. Mary Besteman. says:

    Even when we don’t FEEL holy and beloved


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