Designed with Purpose: Remembering Rest

I’ve been thinking a lot about purpose lately.

Not the purpose you read about – “10 tips to be successful”, or “7 ways to unlock your true potential”, but designed purpose. It seems there is only one way any man can know what his purpose is and that is by knowing what he was designed for.

I mean this beyond gifting or daily work, or skills that we have uniquely been granted. I mean deep beyond the outer shell of our everyday to-dos and tasks. Beyond the walls of what we speak to those we wish to impress and the roles we assume to pay our bills. I mean further in – past the man we are told we must be and into the creation we truly are.

I mean our name – your name, our designed purpose.

This is hard to remember in a world that is not just moving quickly but often running towards things that don’t matter. There is indeed much knowledge that does very little to our souls but it somehow admired by a great deal of men. This is tiring for our soul. For we were not meant to know and retain and work on useless things.

Your heart was made for useful and purposeful work. And your mind was made to think about deep things – not in the sense that they are abstract but in the sense that they are soulful things. Things that reflect a God that breathed life into the trees, spoke animals into being and is in the middle of redeeming all creation. This depth.

Are you hungry for it? Do you find yourself fatigued by the useless and cluttered world?

Think about purpose with me.

What if we were designed to rest in our Father’s hands? What if we were ambassadors of His grace? What if we were designed – you were designed – purposefully? What if your mind was made to do work that matters? What if your heart was stitched to care about broken things? What if you were designed for purpose?

What if we’re able to enter this purpose everyday of our lives? The beauty of God made flesh is that we cannot idolize the abstract life. None of us are called to flee this war torn land in hopes that we will find God when we leave the hard talks and broken families behind. This is the beauty of God with us – Emmanuel.

How? How do we who know fatigue enter into the daily life of a God who is with us, near us, and hears us? How do we, who are called to this broken life, live with our broken hearts and celebrate a broken Savior?

We need resurrection everyday. This I have never been more sure of. In our tired limbs and exhausted hearts – we need the reality and promise of resurrection wrapped around our chest. We need it close. We need to touch like Thomas and shout like Mary. We need to ask for grace and remember the reality we live in.

Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again.




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