Remembering in the Evening: Psalm 3

“I lie down and sleep, I wake again, because the Lord sustains me.” (Psalm 3:5)

We do not even wake without our Father’s intervention. It is easy for forget our dependence. The world around us boasts in its ability to fight for itself and make a name for itself and depend on no one. Christian, this is not our battle cry. We are not independent beings. Our faith is wrapped in pure admittance of our own disability.

We are unable.

We are unable even to rise from slumber. This is what marks the life of the Christian – that we are unashamed of our need. Beyond this – that we would boast in our neediness. This is a great witness to the world that is unable to admit its need. We are the ambassadors of this need because we know how truly this need is met.

For strength is but a ripple of the great salvation wake. “…Because the Lord sustains me” is seen no clearer than in the cross. There it was Jesus who committed to sustaining. There it was the Father who showed the depths that He will provide us strength.

From slumber to salvation to our everyday need – it is truly “…because the Lord sustains me.” Let us not grow anxious before we trust Him to this sustaining. This is His way – His character and His track record – the Lord sustains His people. Let us not forget our need. Let us not forget His provision.

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