Remembering in the Evening: Psalm One

“But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on His law he meditates day and night.”(Psalm 1:3)

It is hard for us to know what we truly delight in. And yet, here is a good test that is sure and impartial.

What we consider when we rise and what we ponder before rest – this is our delight and hope. Do we fall asleep worried about family or friend? There is our foundation. Do we ponder our work and our money – counting the ways we can protect our career and grow our account? Here is our hope. Do we awake wondering about the market, and politics? There is our delight.

What thought do you return to as a point of worry or solace? What item or pursuit or dream  lingers in your mind above all else? What flashes across your tired head each night? Here. Let us list them out and name them for our heart to see. This is our delight. If it is a worry then it is the opposite of the worry we hope in. If it is a fear than it is the avoidance of that fear we hold closest. If it is a dream then we know our comfort.

Let us test ourselves this evening. Before we sleep. Before we rise again.

Christian, is your hope in the secure and mighty? Is your delight in the Maker of heaven? If this is not true then let us think more frequently of His salvation. For nothing else will save. Nothing else will keep secure.

Do not be ashamed of your desire to be delighted. Only remember what will delight you most.

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