Echoes of Easter: Remembering Resurrection Daily

I had a beautiful Easter.

Family and wine and a sermon that made me remember the holy and good.

And now it’s Monday and the resurrection can feel like an event celebrated.

Not a reality remembered.

Not a fire rekindled.

It can feel like someone poured gasoline on a dying flame and while we danced in yesterdays warmth, we’re now cold  and poking the logs again. 

How do we find Easter echoing in our everyday? 

I think we need to start with today.

We only ever have today and this is significant if we are to remember daily.

The truth of Easter is that dying things don’t stay dead. 

The most holy and good and pure things – though they may die, will not make a home in the grave.

The King of all holiness, and joy, and peace, did not make the grave His home.

He stayed there. He dwelt there. He was there.

He really died.

And the pure and good and holy, may die – they will certainly be injured.

In the everyday of our lives, we will lose things and they may be lost for longer than we had hoped.

We will cry. We will hurt. We will mourn. 

In all of our “today’s” we must spend time thinking about the cross.
Pure things will endure great scorn in this world. Let us not be surprised.

And yet, if we would have the joy of Easter in our ears, we would remember the last page.

The final ink of Jesus’ story was not Mother Mary crying with grief but Marry Magdalene running with great news.

Risen and Resurrection news.

Surprise is a cruel teacher.
And I think many of  us enter our “today’s” without being spoken to by our Love.

Here is the secret of Easter joy, we must listen to the Resurrected One speak to us everyday.

Before we open our door and hear the voices of fear and hurt and hope and loss, we must hear the voice of a Father working in the fields and planting in the rain.

The Echoes of Easter are hard to hear without stillness and discipline.

If we would like the joy of the Resurrection in our everyday lives, we need to listen to the story everyday.

Without this, we are bad at remembering and are in danger of only knowing the flame of Easter once a year.


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