To be Known

Throughout the aches and triumphs and even level land, we all desire to be known.

This is a universal ache.

This is because beneath this universal ache is a deeper and more constant ache – to be known fully and to be loved fully.

To be loved requires us to be known for otherwise it is a facade. We come out as a fake.

This is why quick love evaporates – there was never a commitment to be known.

To be known is to be naked. This is how we started before our God – naked and known and loved.

Yet, doubting the latter we chose the power to know.

Ironically, we distanced ourself from the one knowing God in an effort to know ourselves more deeply.

This is etched deep beneath our years.

We have a history of desiring to be known.

We have a history of distrusting the Knower.

And tonight, let us give it respect.

You have aches, and pains, and triumphs and doubts.

And before we doubt the knower again, let us remember Him.

Him who saw and heard and felt the weight of Eve and Adam.

Him who saw the cross and King and the tomb.

Him who saw your thoughts while you still knew the womb.

Him who did not wish to not know so He became known as sin.

Him who did not wish for you to doubt His love and so became the despised.


This is what we are wrapped in every night before we sleep and wrestle with our distrust:
Him and His loving knowledge.

Will we remember the Knower does know and He does love?

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