200 Word Story: 52 Cards

Pick them up.

Lay them down.

What if you’ve got no more cards left?

What if you’re playing with a deck that gets smaller with each shuffle?

Where have those cards gone? 

At some point it’s hard to come to the table when you’re only holding 14 cards and missing.

Missing a lot.

Do you think everyone still holds the whole deck?

I wonder.

Some have good poker faces.

Straight and shades and bluffing like their deck is full.

Like everyone at that Tuesday night game is holding all of them.

Like everyone treats lost cards like its foreign.


You can feel the looks in your brow when you sleep.

Tired. Weary. Worn. Wondering.

How has everyone kept their cards? 

How have I lost so many? 


Maybe tomorrow I’ll find them all.

Maybe I’ll show the players that I haven’t lost one. 



Let me whisper an untold thing right to you.

Directly to you. 

This is but a dance.
Everyone is moving their feet.
Everyone practices the steps.

Everyone is dancing to hide the light decks.

Not one player comes to the game with 52.


Maybe be the one to say,

“I don’t have all of my cards anymore.” 

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