Searching for Jesus

Where are you Jesus?


Some ask, some look, some say they have found Him.

Here I am. 

Among the poor and the destitute. 

Among the sick and the abandoned. 

Among the widows and the children. 

Among the lonely and the forgotten. 

Among the homesick and ones that need healing. 

Here I am.

Yet, we search our hearts and minds thinking of a thought-Jesus.
A heart Jesus. A theoretical, feel good Jesus.

But Jesus is always spending His time where we are told to run from.

We get an education to run from Jesus.

We get a degree to hide among the learned and scholarly.

We get money to hide among the well off and affluent.

We often see the world as the world does: a step ladder of success and with the best spot at the top. 

Away from the needy. Away from Jesus.



Friend, if you look for Him today, remember that He will not be found where the world tells you to climb. 

Jesus was not concerned with climbing but with bending and kneeling and washing feet.

So sweet bending Jesus, can we say we’re sorry?

We know those words are so often on our lips but you hold us when we confess. You never push away the confessor. 

So, Jesus, we’re sorry for looking for you like Pilate was: loving until it cost us something, concerned with mercy until it could ruin our jobs, working towards justice until it was inconvenient. 

May we find you, Jesus, in the very people we have run away from.


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