Finished and Done

You know those “It is finished” words?

I think they mean things for you. I think they mean things for you today.

Today, in our fears and wondering if love will be enough, if hope is worth it, and faith actually has a foundation.

When our lover (for that’s what He is) cried out on that wooden beam “It’s done!” it meant a closed book on all the things we think we have to complete. You know – those things that aren’t quite done?

There’s that word, “perfect” – and we think it should be our name so often.
We think we should get there, show we can hold it, show others we’re capable of being flawless.

All the while our Savior is up on the hill – flawless – but taking our flaws.
Because He only invites the flawed ones.

He only invites the Ones that say “I have things undone.”
And then He says, “It’s done.”

It’s done. So here’s why we’re joyful.

We’re joyful because another checked the box not because we filled more boxes than a neighbor.

We’re joyful because our Maker took our flaws not because we became flawless.

We’re joyful because up on that cross Holy blood said, “I’ll fix it. I”ll do the mending. I’ll finish this.”

And this means our relationships don’t have to bear the stress of the word “flawless”.
It means sorry is OK to say again and again and again.
It means failing isn’t in apologizing it’s in thinking we’re failures for saying sorry.

It is finished.

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