An Invitation to Be Still 


Will you listen? Before you reach and grab and demand – will you listen? 

Will you assume that He is no longer speaking or will you trust that silence is an invitation? Will you listen? 

For we need to hear things today. Amidst the chaos of our heart and our hands, we need to hear about calm waters, redeeming blood, and sovereign grace. We need to hear something outside of our own skin reminding us “it is finished” and the glory is for the adopted.

Will you listen? 

It’s hard when we can so easily block the silence. We are so skilled at avoiding silence or the stillness. We are given many roads to avoid meeting with our God. 

Do not take them. 

For what we need this morning is silence and stillness. We need to remember who we are in a world that desperately needs to know what to do with pain, if hope is real, and love has Name. 

Will you listen? 

Will you stop seeing the silence and stillness as a threat? Will you sit and simply say, “Come, my Maker, for I need to hear your words.” 

And will you wait? Will you sit? Will you let the stillness remind you of things forgotten? 

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