An Open Letter to My Dad

Dad, you should know –

It’s not that you’ve said these things with words. In fact, I’m not sure you spoke any of them. But you can say things without words and sometimes those are the loudest things we hear. And I’ve been watching.

For nearly 25 years I’ve been watching, Dad.

I watched when you coached me through heartache.

I watched when we moved and you made us laugh.

I watched when hell broke loose and you and mom showed us the cross was enough and resurrection meant things.

I watched when you started your own practice and didn’t say a word as it grew and grew and grew.

I watched when you asked questions and offered “an” answer knowing there may be several.

I watched when you made piano the prayer of our house and played and played and played – waiting for the right chorus to ring through the rooms.

I watched when you would sit at my bed as 5 year old, and say, “If all the boys were lined up in a row, I’d pick you every time.”

So here’s 20 things you’ve told me without speaking.

  1. Men carry more than they’re told. Boys make others carry.
  2. Sitting with someone in grief is to be close to Jesus.
  3. Many people try to prescribe and fix – few simply say, “That’s hard. I’m sorry. I’m not leaving.”
  4. There are many things more important than a properly loaded dishwasher.
  5. Speaking when others have gone silent rubs people the wrong way. It’s also courageous.
  6. God cares about relationships.
  7. Curiosity is beautiful.
  8. Silliness does not end at 50.
  9. The women in your life should know you’d take the blame and the blows.
  10. Anger is risky. But the abused deserve the risk.
  11. You don’t have to announce all your accomplishments. You’re worth more than the list.
  12. Private kindness is the sweetest.
  13. The brave ones talk about pain.
  14. Everyone has been hurt.
  15. People need tenderness.
  16. You love mom well.
  17. Sometimes perseverance is crawling not continuing to run.
  18. Someone is stronger than us. He walks when we can’t.
  19. Very few men lay down and don’t say a word about it. Very few are like Christ.
  20. Sincere is not the same serious. You laugh sincerely.

If all the dads were lined up in a row…

Happy Birthday Dad.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Derek Eitreim says:


    You’ve just given your dad with this letter something every father hopes for.

    Fathers don’t love children expecting a return. Nonetheless your identifying in the selfless acts that have characterized your father’s life you’ve captured his heart and you’ve blessed him in a manner that is beyond measure for the balance of his life. Well done!

    in looking at yourself and Annie your parents have much to be proud of. Saw her and Chad this afternoon. They’re a great couple with a bright future. Confident as well, that wherever God leads you you will leave a mark for Christ and His Kingdom. A tender heart, a sharp mind, a pure expression of how God is at work in and among you. Very encouraged by you my friend.

    Praying for God’s continued blessing on you David.

    Derek Eitreim Sent from my iPhone



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