4 Way Stop

This 4 way stop often features a Lexus, a Land Rover, a Porsche, and a Mercedes.
It’s not uncommon for each of those to roll up and then roll on.

It’s not uncommon to see well dressed men and women roll through to the common bakery and order and leave.
And then another and another and another.

That’s usually the traffic. I hope you understand, that’s usually the traffic.

Today there was the usual traffic. Well dressed, well driven – well.

And then there was a man in a lot of his clothes – for I suspect his back was the best closet he could afford, He pulled two dark suitcases up the hill and each bag looked heavy.

He labored up and across the church sidewalk that sits off this intersection. He pulled and walked and made his way. He crossed the intersection just as a $100,000 piece of metal sped away.

It is important, I feel, to say that this intersection is on a slight hill and most walk down it.
Most walk down to the bakery that is well as they are dressed well.

And here, this morning, with his closet on his back, the man went up and labored up. I shook.

I’ll be honest with you because what are we doing to each other if we are not honest?

I’ll be honest. I shook. I quaked. I wanted to weep.
I wanted to weep for the man as he climbed and everyone coasted down.
I whispered something over him – I’m not sure what – other than to say, “I think you’re near Him.”

This isn’t about the rich being far and the poor being near.
Except that’s often how it works. Whether poor in dress or poor in heart, He only attracts those in need.

And so I looked at him as he labored up with a closet on his back and hoped He knew how close He was to the Father’s heart.
And then I wonder if I should weep for all us coming down the hill. For we’re in need. We need and yet we build these places to feel un-needy. But we need.

We need tenderness, and love, and holiness.
We need our Father, and that Kingdom, and that promise.
We need our King and our lover and our friend.

So, cheers, to you the man that could have been my father or me or my brother.
Cheers to you.

I hope you know how close you are to the Father.

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