Open Letter: To You, The Ordinary

To you, the Ordinary:

There’s a lot of shouting out there. Are your ears ringing?

I want to be honest with you, friend. Social media is a wonderful thing but are your ears ringing? Shouts from politicians, shouts from the oppressed, shouts from the church, shouts from friends; are your ears ringing?

And that’s just the outside world.

What about your insides?

What about the hopes and fears that make your very bones ache? Aching is good – it means we’re alive. Know that. Know that you feeling things deeply means the same stuff that holds mountains together, and makes the sunrise happen, holds you together. Know that the same voice that spoke beauty feels things deeply too.

Aching is OK.

But, aching without hope is why people go to bed and stay in bed. Aching without hope is why daughters grow into mothers than can’t engage. Aching without hope is why dads yell and don’t play catch in the yard. Aching without hope is why the young executive exchanges loving arms for money.

Aching without hope is hell.

And there’s a lot of aching in those rings around world. Aching in your news feed, in your dinner times, in your late night drives.

Do you feel achy? Are your ears ringing?

I want you to remember a time when a love sick Father felt achy. He grieved and ached and heard the ringing noise. He ached so much He sent a child to feel ache that wasn’t His own.

And He did.

He entered in the same skin you’re wrapped in and therefore, found Himself wrapped in the same aching.

But he never knew the word: hopeless.

When He came He grieved and wept, and kneeled and hurt.

But Him and His Dad thought of a way to make you forget the word: hopeless.

That child, that knew no ache took nails, and thorns, and blood, and pain, and your aching.

And then He hung there and shouted new words to end the ringing noise: “It is Finished.”

So those words are there for you. They are there for me.

Those words are there for the ringing ears and aching hearts. Those words are there for the fearful and abused. Those words are for the neglected and the angry. Those words are for the needy and greedy.

Life is full of aches, friend. I know. I ache with you. But that war torn cry made by Your Maker-that means hope is never distant, removed, or for the “others”.

Hope is for you and He has a name.

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