A Child

To us a Child.

To us a Child.

To you a Child.

To me and you a Child.

A Child born. Not a God that just spoke but instead sent a fleshly word. And this flesh was wrapped in mercy and the smell of a newborn. Holiness and humility kissed and to us a Child came.

I know a lot of things come to you and to me. I wonder what this week brought to your doorstep. I wonder what came to you; both by invitation and by force. Maybe it was little kid laughter and big kid sorrow. Maybe it was new job gratitude and new home anxiety. Maybe it was stillness that felt like stiffness. Maybe it was pace and you felt like running was just enough to stay in the game.

A lot of things come to us.

I have this cousin full of curls and easy giggles. When he walks into a space I think people feel weightless; not because their burdens are gone but because a child reminds us of things untainted, unhurt, and promises unbroken.

So I think it’s no mistake that God, despite what others say about His art, put a child canvas in His broken world and said, “Here I am – in a child.”

A child that didn’t stop as a child but a child to begin with none the less. Who can wrap their arms around the gift of a newborn full of awkward movements and heavenly laughter? But maybe this is what God is saying to me and you, after a week where so much came:

“I still believe in laughter, in unbroken promises, and making you a child too.”

I don’t know what came to you this week.

But I know a child with eyes full of magic and limbs full of grace came and still comes to you. His hands have seen grown up things now and His body is warm despite 3 grave nights. His child flesh was torn for you and me but His kid laughter and limbs still welcome you to the table.

A child came.

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