11 Reminders For Monday

1. You are valued. God bought you and loves you with a jealous love. 

2. You are imperfect. Don’t let the stress of perfection weigh you down on a Monday grind. Christ is your perfection. 

3. You are known. Your Father hears you, sees you, and understands. 

4. You are in a war. You have a roaring enemy so take the shield and armor. 

5. You can know peace. Peace is a man (your Maker’s Son) not a fleeting feeling. 

6. The King of the universe has your name etched on His pierced hands. 

7. You are not alone. He doesn’t leave His children. 

8. You are loved. The Creator feels love when He thinks of you. Really. 

9. You are needed. People need you and you need them. 

10. You are surrounded by brothers and sisters who have gone before you. 

11. You are not home. 

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