Child Status

Lord, forgive us for thinking we can make it through a day without having a “lord”. 

We creatures, often forget the wide, beautiful gap between us and heaven. We often think we can become our own master and walk through our day without a bended knee. 

The truth is Father, we bend our knee every minute. We’re creatures. We were made to bend down low. Yet, we deceive ourselves by thinking if we do not bend at your throne we do not bend at all. 

Forgive us, deceivers. We’re so good at deceiving ourselves. Our murky motives betray our prideful minds. We are always bending to something so please, Lord, make us bend to you. 

You’re the only Master that picks up the bended ones and gives them “child” status. Kings in this world see a bended knee and shackle chains of metal to their servants. You, the great King, the ruling King, see a servant and rejoice as that prodigal son story: making heaven celebrate with joy that you’ve gained a child. 

It’s foolishness to kneel anywhere else but your throne. Please remind us.
Please be patient with you children.
We’re prone to wander and oh we feel it. Yet, Lord of heaven, make us prone to kneel at your throne. Take our prideful, forgetful hearts and do what you do best: resurrect our dead and fleeting bones. 

Yes, Lord, make us wise kneelers. Make us joyful children. 


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