Honest Words

I sat with a friend today.

Morning light is full of hope and promise. So we ate our meal under that song.

He said something that I wanted to share with you, “I feel like I’m at square one.” 

And those words hung there softly. Our unspoken promise is to speak honestly so those words did not shake either of us.

But honest words are hard to speak because our weeks can train us to hide all of our words. We can feel the pull to package all of our words in more appropriate forms, as if our words were somehow disconnected from our flesh.

So sometimes when you and I speak honest words they evoke emotion as if coming up out of a cold summer plunge. It’s refreshing and makes you wonder, Why do I ever speak words cloaked? Why do I offer words like currency-distant and at a price? 

I looked him in the eye as we both came up out of water. Clean; ready to unpack words without a cloak wrapping each sentence.

Square one. It’s easy to feel as if others must be beyond us. We look at our hands and think surely I’m past this. But what do we think we will be? What “square” do you think you will touch in this life? What space do you think a creature (not Creator) can occupy in this broken, beautiful world?

What my dear friend was telling me was that he needs grace; grace to move forward and grace to understand. And that is a beautiful declaration. This is not a shameful confession but a humble one.

We need grace. You and I, we’re in square one. Sure we can move about in that square and think people are beyond us but friend, Christ’s blood never gets diluted. No man on earth can ever say I need 98% blood and 2% water. You know, don’t give me the sacred stuff, save it for someone else. Save it for someone in square one. 

Sacred stuff. That’s what my friend was saying he needs and that’s what I need. That’s what we need. And that’s a word worth sharing.

Come up for air. Come up and whisper honest words. Let a friend hear your words and offer their own. Sit with a friend this weekend and maybe you just need to sit. Maybe you just need to sit and know your Maker sits there with you. Maybe offer an honest word. Maybe ask an honest question. But let’s not harm ourselves by offering fake words. It’s a poison to others and it’s a poison to us.

We’re here together and there’s grace in knowing that. We’re in square one.

All the beautiful, broken, redeemed ones are. And so is Christ.

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