Soul, remember grace today. Not the flimsy kind you find in the dollar store but the whole kind. Yes, the grace we need is mountain tops and oceans, sunrises and kid laughter.

It’s the kind bought with blood.

I wonder what you buy grace with these days? Or if you think along with the TV ads that grace is purchased by you because you rarely need it: you’re whole.

But you’re not, right? We’re still calling things good that are poisonous and being stingy when generosity gives in both directions. We feel beauty and yearn to touch His face yet also want the metal of men.

So we need grace. And I think everyone knows this but is scared to say so. And fear can make us say things, feel things, and do things that we would rather not do.

So we forget and are in good company. Not good because of our error, but good because the Healer comes to those that cry: help.

I want us to know that grace is more majestic than a band aid on our hearts. It’s magical and full of wonder. Walk into a child’s room as they sleep and you’re stepping in the right direction. Listen to a friend tell you about their wounds and you’re getting warmer. Dance with a new groom and you’re near the Father’s heart.

Friends, we have this gift of grace so we also have the gift of confession. We can name the ways we break and harm. We can kneel and know we’re loved for coming.

Some of us are afraid to kneel because we’re unsure of the word that will be spoken over us. I know. Some of us have been hurt when we’ve knelt. Our wound was not healed but slashed open anew. So maybe you doubt that kneeling will leave you new.

Friends, when we kneel our Father’s voice echoes through the heavens with one word: mine.

And that word reminds us: grace is for me and it’s flowing.

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  1. Nyla says:

    “We can kneel and know we’re loved for coming” felt like a healing balm this morning. Thanks for your ministry; I am touched by it each time you write.


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