We Have a Name

You and I we know laughter and we know sobs. We know the rich harvest and the word “barren”.

We too often feel jostled between the two: as if our Maker wanted us to be fearful in barrenness and anxious in the harvest.

Scarcity. Beyond economical terms it explains why your hands and my hands never say “enough”.

Yet, the broken One, the one who gave flesh for you and me said blessed are the poor in spirit. He said this and I think we should take him at his word.

I’m not saying we should idolize poverty and demonize wealth. Rather, we should understand that we are just as poor in either field.

Whether your hands are full or your hands are in need, my heart, and your heart are needy.

We’re needy. Can we say this to each other? Can we be honest that television doesn’t mean embrace and we need flesh to hold onto grace with. You and I we’re looking to the face of Him that says “come and I’ll give you rest” and we’re tired.

I’m tired and you’re tired. We’re like this and we’re not defeated. Defeat and weariness are not the same.

Paul was weary yet He found joy in knowing that very fact meant His God was near.

Do you know this? Do we know this? Can we remind each other together.

He’s close to the weak and friend to the sorrowful.

He loves the child and protects the barren.

He adores those that ache for peace even when they can’t end war.

He’s near and He doesn’t forget our feeble frame.

I’m not sure what dawn demands of you. I don’t know what another day over asks you to answer. But I know demands and questions can make us think we exist to give an answer.

Friend, the answer has already been given. You and I let’s take grace at His word and rest in the echo of “it is finished.”

Let’s dance in it. Let’s swim in it. Let’s hold each other in its loud embrace.

We already have a name.

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