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Do you feel this?

Do you feel torn, twisted, and pulled between two realities?

I do. I think we all feel this; from our broken families to our sweet communion, from our cancer ridden brother to our newly born infant, from our alcoholic past to our sober since ’02.

Yes, we feel the tension. We feel the tension of a world that says, go and you will get and a Savior that says, I give, I give, I give.

And we need this giving. You and me. We really do.

I know it can be hard to say, I need. But we need to practice together because God loves a needy child. In fact, it’s the only kid He lets sit on His lap: one that knows need.

This is communion right? When we break together, drink together, and say amen together, we’re really saying, Alleluia my need is met in no other place. 

I think we get there half the time. I think we are ready to say we need but quick to follow with: I can get.

So we’re the torn ones. We’re half truth tellers and half liars. We’re half preachers and half prisoners. For need only gets you so far.

Where do you believe you get full? You know, that belly ache full when you’ve had 3 servings and laugh until sleep comes. Where do you and I get full?

The world says, look at your hands.

The cross says, I’ve already given mine.

The world says, you get rest by going, claiming, and taking.

The empty grave says, I bought rest for you; open your hands.

I think we need this for our week. We need this for our hearts. We need this for our families.

I think the world needs it too but they will fall in love much easier when we show them how sweet rest can be.

We already have a name. Even though the world says chase and make one for yourself.

We already have a lover. Even though the world says sex is all you will need.

We already have salvation. Even though the world says money can fill the void.

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