Come To My Relief

“…In Your faithfulness and righteousness come to my relief.” (Psalm 143:2)

“In your”, meaning we do not plead with our Father based on our able hands.

“In your”, meaning our most righteous acts and darkness deeds do not determine our ability to offer a prayer of relief.

“In your”, meaning today Christian, we can pray this prayer with confidence because He did not change last evening. His faithfulness did not grow weak as ours is prone to do. His righteousness did not get one shade dimmer though ours flickers and fails.

The only item required in the above prayer is to notice our need. “Come to my relief!”

I wonder if your heart desires some relief this morning? I wonder if your hands are too tired to feign strength much longer? I wonder if you need to look to “the rock higher than thee”?

If so, find hope, delight, and dancing in this promise: He comes because He is good not because we are great. 

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