“You, Lord are my lamp; the Lord turns my darkness into light.” (2 Samuel 22:29-30)

There are many things which promise light. Yet, what can turn darkness and make it something new? What created thing can take the dark fears of our hearts and make that very substance light?

Where do we seek resurrection? For this is the question of our text, What lamp are we fond of turning to? What job, task, friendship, accomplishment, or sin do our hearts think will be a lamp?

Surely many things in this life can reflect a light and shine in a dark heart. Perhaps a friend, a brother, a fellow heir of Christ. Yet, what can make light? For this is what our hearts are most thirsty for: light when there is no sign of dawn. 

Christian, it is only Him who became dark with our sin that can make light! And here we must not be fools. For what other lamp will we hope in but Him who makes darkness light? Yes, this is the cross and the resurrection: dead things become living.

So where is despair, Christian? It is not found. For whatever dead thing you mourn over, your Savior is in the habit of resurrection. He is the lamp that makes dark things light. Here is hope and it is nowhere else.

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