Our Rock

Christian, where do you go when truly troubled? Where do you set your heart when you realize you’re just as fickle as Israel and just as easily swayed? For it is a choice-where we set our heart and I wonder if you have forgotten this invitation.

Christ spent a lot of time setting His heart on Him who He loved most and surely you are no different: you set your heart on that which you hold most dear. Yet, Christian, are you forfeiting the good pleasures of heaven for the cheap morsels of earth? Do you desire a visible god as Israel did? Are you envious of your neighbor who seems content with setting their hearts on a decent job, a nice but not too nice car, a new T.V. season and a child’s success? Does this tempt you?

Christian, let us think of the One we are able to plead with, sit with, and worship. He is not deaf to our cries nor immune to our pleas. No, rather, He himself intercedes for us when our fickle nature gets in the way. He, Himself, comes down and sits with the brokenhearted. He, Himself, is with us now eager to glorify His name and therefore, eager to put joy in your hands.

Joy and peace allude the sinner as water does oil. They dance always to the next  place, or person, or job until grey and hard of hearing the dancing stops at the grave never captured-never attainted.

Christian, joy and peace, are yours tonight. Not tomorrow, when maybe you can fix the things that feel so broken. Not next week when maybe you can stop worrying about the burdens. No, Christian, they are yours, tonight. For you they were purchased and for Him they are a great pleasure to give.

So my dear brother, my dear sister, will you hold out in faith that He who died for you will not withhold one good measure? If you believe that He gave His son and yet, still worry, your heart is set on a fleeting beauty. Let us hold fast to our Rock-the One who does not move despite our failings.

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