Mud Prayer

“We have sinned, even as our Father’s did…” (Psalm 106: 6) 

Lord, forgive our duality. 
Hands lifted up high and then hands low in the mud as we forget Your name, so we also forget Ours. 
Forgive our mind as it grapples to not love you in theory but love you in the doing. We are quick to praise and shout, yet the alleluia of our hearts is sung over created things not You, our Maker. 
Israel knows the present; we sin by our forgetful acts. We disremember your grace, power, and justice and sin with Adam, Cain, and David. 
Forgive our vows made quickly and our slow feet. 
We exult passion as the highest good and so look the same as the grieving culture around us.

Forgives us Father, that we would seek pleasure apart from you who made laughter, echoing forests, and resurrection. You invited us into your glory and yet we often sit outside in the streets. You want us in the banquet hall and we too often choose a meal of mold. 

This is mercy Lord; you count our sins no more. You who count grains of sand do not count your sons blemishes. For you already counted them, weighed them and placed them on another head. You already condemned our moldy inclinations and do not double count transgressions. 

Father, let praise not only be on our lips today but in our hands. Let our hands be like the one who took our blemishes: outstretched and open. 

Yet, we praise you for the banquet table does not hold any man that needs grace less. 

Lord, our Rock, Redeemer, and Maker, let us love you with an undivided heart. 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nyla says:

    Oh my how I needed to read this today. You are a blessing.


  2. Glad it was a blessing.
    We all forget. 🙂


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