“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” (Isaiah 43:19)

Oh, we are such muddled perceivers; half believing, half clinging to old things. The world, dear Christian, is shaking with the very acts of God and do you perceive it? Perhaps, it’s best to ask, have you perceived it? Have your eyes ever seen grace and known it’s on your very doorstep? 

But even for us who have known grace and let Him still us, it’s different to see today. For how precious was that grace indeed, when it first appeared. And yet, do you think the streams in heaven have gone dry? Do you believe you were meant to bathe in the first grace and preserve the drops-supposing that you better make do with limited water? Christian, do you think you stand in a dry bed or flowing river?

This does make all the difference: whether we simply believe Christ has acted or that He is acting. It is tempting to think our Father’s endurance is as weak as our own; half working, half tired. Yet, let us not forget He is not dust but the one who pulls the corners of dirt and creates. He is Maker of all things, and therefore, acting on all things. 

Yes, He does not grow tired and do you know this? For I think we sometime assume our weariness means God’s purposes must be just as slow: moaning as they attempt to work glory. 

Oh Christian, look around you; can you perceive that He is working even after He has worked? Whatever dryness you feel, see, and ache over, do not suppose your God is of the same dryness. No, He pulls theworld by its edges and sends streams pouring to the needy. He acts and is acting and will act. 

Surely, if he was done working His purposes, the tomb would still have heaven’s child. Yet, as it is, He is resurrected and resurrecting. 

May we have children’s eyes to see the acts of God as they continue to shake the earth with beauty. Surely He is doing a new thing. 

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