The King’s Ear

How does the Christian measure greatness?

Has another worn Monday made you wonder-if I’m a kingdom heir where is my great battle? Has the cold dinner, busy list, and half-done laundry made you think-surely my contribution to the Kingdom is small indeed. 

First, yes. Yes, yours, and mine and all of our deeds collectively heaped together is a speck compared to the beautiful and bloody cross. First, yes. Yes, our contribution was never meant to be anything more than thankfulness in light of the real gift. So breathe that in dear Christian, we worship grandeur, we do not create it. 

And yet, we are invited to feel and participate in grandeur; in beauty, holiness, and an alleluia that never runs out. This eternal alleluia rests in our hearts and after a Monday it can feel like we’re silencing the cry and muzzling our Kingdom status. And this will always ring true unless we remember prayer.

Oh what a way to test pride: what act will summon more greatness, a knee worn prayer or a list of crossed off to-dos? Yes, Christian, what if our great alleluia-the one whispered in our chest by our Creator, was meant to be echoed not only in deeds but prayer?

It is a strange thing to think the power God asks us to invoke. It’s a great mystery and I will not feign to understand all of it’s edges. Yet, I do know this: we have the King’s ear. We are ushered into His company before angels as His son says, “Father, listen to my brother! Father, hear the requests of my sister!” And the Father is pleased to hear His son has indeed brought more children to the throne.

Christian, this is the way to greatness: kneeling down. And if your Monday has felt like so many of mine this is like sweet wine to a heart that had forgotten laughter.

So, to you who wonders if the mundane can be holy: remember the throne room your prayers echo in.

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  1. Derek Eitreim says:

    Well said David. Found your word copied back in to my great quotes log.

    Hope you’re well. Say hi to Annie and the rest of your family.

    Derek Eitreim Sent from my iPhone



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