Remembering Wine

Lord, why did you care about the wine?

Christ, that day when you turned to your mother and she said simply, “There is no more wine.”, why did you care?

Lord, why were you moved to give the guests’ wine and appease a mother’s request?

Jesus, why did you care about the wine?

It’s such a small act. You gave men and women sweet drink to enjoy a sweet time: a wedding. Yet, you were there celebrating. You were there.

You were there at a wedding and you were there when the wine ran dry. Father, forgive us when we think you are removed. Christ, forgive us when we forget the wine, the wedding, and the guests. Christ, this was your first miracle and you could have shouted the glory (yet that came later), but you simply offered some wine to those made in your image. You cared about the wine.

And Lord we need someone to care about the smallest of things. For in this world it is often only the large things that get heeded. Yet, from the beginning you were for the small things, the beautiful things, and the meek things. From the whispers to the shouts you showed you hear every request, every groan, and every celebration.

You cared about the wine.

Christ forgive us when we think your life was laid down to offer us only big things. For we often think the Christian life is about the large miracles and yet so many of us hurt praying over small wounds that need the wine. Yes, Father, you certainly paved the way to Grandeur with the cross, and yet, you did not only save us for heaven but you saved us now.

And you are here now. You are here now amidst the weddings and the guests. You care about the wine and you care about the bread. You care about the mother who cannot pay the bills and you care about the Father who only wants his son.

You care about the needy and all who go unfed.
You care about the broken and all who have no rest.
You care about the rich, for their need is just the same.
You care about the wedding. You care about the guests.

And perhaps you meant to show us that the miracle was just a sign. You feed us with real wine and you feed us with real bread. Yet, you offer us eternity as you laid broken in our stead. So we thank you for the wine and we thank you for the bread. We thank you that one day in heaven we will see you as you are: loving every wedding, every guest, and every wine.

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