A prayer of Genesis

God of beginnings, do you see we are not so good at starting anew? 
God you are God of beginnings and we are a people that dress up old things.  

We are tired of old things. They feel the same in our hand. They feel the same in our heart. Yet, you do begin things, right? Lord, you do start when we can only mend. 

For our mending only goes so far before we feel the same as we once did. We could not create the stars and we cannot create beginnings. No man has ever conceived a beginning but has been granted one by your hand alone. Yes, you alone speak and beginnings are. 

And we need your words. We need your words to move and have our being. We need your words to have a beginning. Lord of the resurrection will you show us a beginning?Will you show the faint in heart a reason to sing? Lord, will you show the poor and meek a stronghold that is secure? Lord will you show us that you still speak, still create, and still call things good? 

Tomorrow God, when you paint the morning anew, will you remember your promises of old? Tomorrow Father, when we pull ourselves up for a new morning, will you not whisper but shout “Behold I am making all things new!”?

Father we know your heart loves more deeply than ours could imagine. Yet, please meet us in our fickleness for we fear you forget our grief. We fear you forget the heartache, the toil, and broken areas. We fear and this is our error. 

Love us God. Let us know that the One who creates beginnings loves our every limb. Let us know God. Let us know and not forget. Of all the things we will forget tomorrow, let it not be your love. 

Holy, beautiful, Savior hold us tonight. Let us know you hold your children. Let us remember you have us in mind. And who should worry if the very Maker of this world dwells upon every child, every moment, of every day? Let us fear not for we would not believe in someone greater than our maker. 

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