The End

The Christian has this insight everyday: we know the end.

Yet, do we live in the knowledge of the end? Do we spend our hours, and days, and weeks as a reflection of the end? Or do you suppose we think the end is so far off that we should tarry because the end does too?

Or perhaps this: we do not really believe the end that our pastors tell us of. We enjoy grace, the kindness of a warm family, and the pleasures of a comfortable Christian life but why speak of the end?

Why speak of eternity when life affords us distraction? It does not take much affluence to obtain enough distraction to chill the veins of urgency. I suppose it is a matter of love. Do we believe in a love so great, so warm, and so constant that an affair with the world sounds laughable?

It is as if we were at a great feast with the finest wine and food before us. Yet, before the wine was poured, before the plates were delivered we were invited to forsake our seat for a cheap meal outside the dining room. The roar of laughter shakes the wood floor as no one dares give up a seat.

Yet we do. And I think it’s because we don’t fully believe in the end.

From the beginning of time God has been pulling the corners of creation into a magnificent crescendo. And this pulling has hurt, and made us doubt. We don’t trust the director to make brokenness beautiful so we decide a cheap meal will no doubt be better than a growling stomach. Yes, we think that the One who made our bones would actually forget His people. You and I think created things are stronger than the One who speaks mountains into place.

This is our foolishness and we must laugh at this rather than the promises of our Creator. Remember that day that the One who hung stars hung for us? Remember that evening that our beautiful Maker shouted to all corners of the earth, “It is finished!”? 

Well it is and we should long for our home. Yes, the Christian really is a pilgrim and this make us different, odd, and holy. Yes to be holy is to be set apart and this of course means we are not the same. But conformity pulls at our tendons and begs us to love cheap bread and juice. But really friends will you reject the broken bread and wine for a hollow cup? Will we remember that He has promised the end to be beautiful and our flesh to be holy?

Will we trust in the end or distract ourselves through another day? What greater one could you love than He who created love and laughter?

What end would you manufacture that could outshine living in a house made by our Maker? Do you believe He really is beautiful?

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