“Jesus doesn’t fail in His atonement. So when He cries out ‘It is finished!’, He’s not crying out, ‘It is started.’ or ‘Let’s see what they do with this.'”-Douglas Wilson

Theological truths are not meant to make us win arguments, boast in Biblical exegesis or boost our Christian self-esteem.

Rather, deep theological truths are present to give us hope!

And the above is one that is beautifully spoken.

A finished work does not worry about it’s end. Yet, a recently started project may make the workman anxious as he builds, and toils, and has yet to see the final art.

What are we, dear Christian? Do you think we hold the earth so firmly that your salvation was not already secured? Do you see yourself as a purchased people-the receipt lodged in heaven’s ledger? Or do you see yourself on the bargaining table-your feeble hands offering strengths in hopes of being secured in heaven’s camp?

This does make all the difference- whether we count ourselves secure or working towards security. You may call it ‘abstract’, ‘irrelevant’, or ‘overthinking’ but it matters in a world that knows breaking and the breakers…

that knows the word: broken. 

For a man that holds a secure treasure is able to hope and grieve with holiness. Brokenness does not kill the man that holds unto a hope that cannot be pierced. Rather this man, dear Christian, is allowed to sit with the poor in spirit, weep over the injustice, and still hope.

If we ever feel stripped in this life-gutted from the things we thought would make us immune from the breaking,

it is because He is making us holy.

And holy things are the only things that enter into heaven’s gates. And He is committed to taking us inside.

For we are secure dear Christian and we should hold this closest to our chest: our payment has been secured, has cleared, and has not proved wanting. 

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  1. Derek Eitreim says:

    Great words David. You capture and express things very well.

    I heard back from Dave Partain. Are you still interested in reaching out to him? He indicated he’s happy to chat.

    God’s richest blessing on you. You’re a good man with a bright future.

    Derek Eitreim Sent from my iPhone



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