Amidst the toil, sweat, and lists, how do we sing? Amidst the disappointment and heartache, how do we hope?

Promises are flimsy in this world. They seem cheap and we are often disappointed at the cheap price men put on words. Yet, do we believe the same of our Father?

Christian, do you think He is prone to break His word? Here is beauty and I know nothing more lovely:

The Father had His only Word, His beloved, beautiful, sacred Word-broken so He could keep all His words.

The kindness of our Maker wanted so earnestly to be with you, to hold you close, to have you back in His garden that He chose His to be broken rather than His promises proven flimsy.

And I know of nothing more hopeful than this: when put to the ultimate test, God chose us at the cost of His weeping. Does this strengthen your heart today? Or do we find ourselves yet again hoping for another answer before we choose joy?

Christian, what other answer would you choose? What has the world convinced you will fill the dark corners of your heart? What whisper of relief does the enemy spread over your longing bones?

Let us shatter the cheap hopes today. May we be a people satisfied in Him who bore pain so we would know a promise kept. And this is the promise:

I have heard your cry and I will never leave you nor forsake you. I will be your God and you will be my people.

Christian, what could be more hopeful than this?

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